Nominations Due by Friday, February 22, 2019

The ATIS Achievement Award recognizes individuals who are directly responsible for significant accomplishments in the development of ATIS’ standards and solutions, and related activities. Awards will be presented XXXXXXX

Criteria for Award Nominees:

Nominees must be current representatives from an ATIS Forum, Committee, or TOPS Council initiative (“ATIS group(s)”) member company and have participated in one (1) or more ATIS group(s) within the past year.

Nominees will have led, progressed, or increased visibility to ATIS’ activities in such ways as:

  • Spearheading efforts to initiate and progress solutions or standards for critical activities;
  • Generating critical contributions and input leading to the development of ATIS’ standards and solutions;
  • Providing key leadership role(s) by actively progressing solutions in a timely and efficient manner, including identifying and coordinating input from essential parties; or
  • Demonstrating significant efforts to promote the acceptance and use of ATIS’ standards and solutions throughout the industry.

Self-nominations are not accepted. ATIS staff members are not eligible for this Award.

Selection of Award Nominees:

  • The maximum number of recipients is based upon the number of active participants in the ATIS groups.
  • The recipients of the Award must be active participants in the ATIS group(s) in which they are nominated.
  • Award recipients are nominated by active participants and selected from those nominated. The merits of the nominations will be evaluated and coordination with appropriate leaders will help to determine the Award recipients.
  • Previous year recipients are not eligible.
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